Information Architecture

The field of study of Organization Schemes, Labelling Systems, Navigational & Pathfinding Systems, Content Inventory, Metadata Systems, User Task mapping, Site/App mapping and Wireframing to structure the design of shared information environments. The goal of Information Architecture is to structure content to create user-friendly interactive products.

User Interface / User Experience

User Interface (UI) Prototyping and User experience (UX) design work together to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, from colour to layout including aspects of design, usability, and branding. These disciplines define the look & feel and user satisfaction when consuming online media.

Interactive Media

Interactive media is the umbrella to the concepts of New Media and Digital Culture. Interactive Media favours the development dimensions of learners in the areas of social and emotional, language development, cognitive and general knowledge, and learning approaches. Interactive Media encompasses Application Software, Apps, Games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Video, Social Media and Online Advertising.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Design is one of the most fascinating areas of education development, this involves the integrated planning and design of implementation models a series of educational experiences students complete and the outcomes of their learning experience. Creating new educational programs involves defining learning goals and learning outcomes, and describing how the program of study is designed to help learners achieve these goals and outcomes.

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