Edward Fajardo


Edward believes that promoting and managing creativity and innovation in the classroom and the workplace facilitates greater teamwork, constant motivation and increased talent retention. His thoughtful leadership, careful big picture solution design and ability to listen to stakeholders’ needs have resulted in well-adopted, effective solutions for students and colleagues. Edward is an integral part of the program heads faculty team at the BCIT Digital Arts Department under the Schools of Business and has worked collaboratively in a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations improving their online strategic campaigns for the past 22 years. He possesses extensive experience in higher education training new media, digital design and broadcast communication to deal with the planning and implementation of new media technologies, interactive media, brand positioning, social media and online storytelling.

Future Research Project

This map is part of a two-year ethnographic research proposal to define what “New Media” is and how our culture and people, from consumers to producers, interact in their own real-life environments with new media symbols, tools and devices. The data collected will serve as a collection of artifacts that can go from papyrus to paper and from paper to hypertext. More details and documents to follow.

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