Teaching Philosophy

My beliefs about teaching and learning.

Professional Philosophy Statement: To enable learners to succeed in the New Media field through kindness, professional instruction, and individual assistance.

I always loved to help others but I never saw myself as a teacher. Now one of my passions is teaching and to inspire my students to discover their potential throughout innovation, curiosity and academic development.

One of my projects “This is I believe and this is Why” guided by Dr. Michael Ling EDU 823 during my third term at the Simon Fraser University’s Master of Education Program, which allowed me to reflect about my teaching style and how it had changed over the years.  This was a personal presentation that helped me to define my professional philosophy statement by discussing my teaching practice by sharing personal stories with my classmates that outlined the crucial points in my life that shaped my learning and teaching styles. In synthesis, I discovered that my learning and teaching platforms evolved from a very rigid Command Style for almost all my teen and adult life to a Practice Style, to a Divergent Style and finally a Mentorship Style where my students see me as their mentor and adviser.

Today, I consider my teaching career and my role as program head to be instrumental in allowing to become more flexible and more empathetic of my students’ backgrounds, expectations and learning styles. In a single year during my master program at SFU, I have been able to adjust, plan and implement new curriculum and learning assessments along with the pragmatic culture of my school BCIT.
Self-reflecting is helping me to be more aware of my new image as a mentor where I truly enjoy facilitating rich meaningful experiences and empowering my students.

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